Prison Escape

Full Mix

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A grueling effort to reach the light at the end of the tunnel. Bright optimistic piano tones are a prelude to menacing synth wobbles, a steamroll of electric guitars and pile driving drum hits

Composer – Charles Kirby

All purchased files are in a high resolution audio format.
WAV | 24-bit | Stereo | 48 kHz | 2306 kbits/s | 2:40 | 43 MB
BPM 120 | Key C Minor |

This fee includes full mix and all stems (or versions), which are listed below,
Full Mix
Stem Drums
Stem Electric Guitars
Stem Piano Rhythm
Stem Piano Solo
Stem Rise Swoosh Hits
Stem Strings
Stem Synth Bass
Stem Synth Pulse
Stem Synth Rise
Stem Synth Wobble


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