Cyborg – Serve and Destroy – promo

In watching footage of Chris Cyborg, I became intrigued and captivated. She has the ability to obliterate opponents in the cage, yet she also takes charitable, humanitarian actions with fellow MMA fighter Justin Wren to help displaced and impoverished people in Africa and South America. This dichotomy, along with the inherent contrast in her dubbed name (Cyborg is a portmanteau of the Greek “kybernetikos” which is a self governing machine, and “org” a living organism) caused me to reflect upon the dual nature of professional fighters, and it inspired me to create a short video that expresses some of these thoughts in the medium of video content.

Thank you for watching!

Songs used in this video are,

Mysterious Unknown by Sean Garavan

Smoke by Eric Harper

Even Though by Eric Harper

Jack Johnson by Vinnie DeMasi

Zombie Djent by Vinnie DeMasi

In Time by Illutible

Dança Comigo by Eric Harper

Glymur by Michael Hodgson

Decisions by Sean Garavan